Grow As You Go

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on “grow as you go.” So often we take experiences away from ourselves before we even have the opportunity to begin. Many times, doubt coupled with a lack of faith in the self and the process is at the root. Doubt not only interferes with faith, it chips away at our confidence, creating a sense of hesitation and uncertainty, where we begin to question our power to create. When we learn to have faith in the self and the process by being present, we can acknowledge what is within our heart and finally reach in to take the necessary steps forward- we can keep it simple and choose the choices that are in alignment with who we are, all the while knowing that every experience is happening for and with us- deepening our connection to the creative process.

  • Look Up: For a long time, I spoke about making the choice and letting the chips fall where they may in the form of the “drive your body there” statement. Although, I still think making choices and moving forward with this kind of objectivity is helpful- I believe the next or better step is to consider how you drive your body there and are you present for the ride to be with and guide yourself through challenging experiences and into increasingly desirable ones.
  • On Presence: We are trained to disconnect, skate through and bypass experiences versus choosing to experience them with presence. You don’t have to be in the future or the past or off into space when you can be with yourself now.
  • Step Up With Yourself: How can you see your progress through? Step up with yourself. Say no to what is weighted and holds you back so you can say yes to all that you are, have and can do.
  • Integration: Awareness dawns and then it deepens, and blockages to this process can moonlight in many forms. Once aware of a block, remove it to plug into your power as you connect with and drop deeper into yourself.
  • Rite Of Passage: As you move through this process, there will be many forms of resistance that arise- many in the form of judgment. When you notice yourself judging yourself or others, remove it and replace it with observation. Judgment wounds the soul and allows parasitic energy in. Once removed, you are what is there and what is left- and you are more than enough.

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