Sending Coherent Messages

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on sending coherent messages. Through acknowledgment, you can begin to say yes to what you truly want, based on what lies within, allowing for more informed consent to take hold as you intentionally plug into the reality creations that hold high vibes. Awareness dawns and then it deepens and the fundamentals have the unique ability to become a continual support system that transcends time and space allowing for regeneration and healing to recur through our everyday choices.

  • Linguistics: Words are a powerful conduit of creation as they provide a direct pathway for us to author our lives, embody new truths and care for ourselves as the sole owner, guardian and sovereign creator of our own reality- as we have the innate ability to concisely choose direct and coherent messages that are reflective of our own truths and guidance systems.
  • Therapeutic Messages: There are many different types of messages but I have found that words and phrases that reinforce and embody empowering messages- such as I am phrases [I am capable. I am important. I am enough.] along with words of guardianship, where we can act as a gatekeeper of what we let into and out of our worlds, to be uniquely helpful, careful, and able to support the proper build of natural boundaries of expansion.
  • Take Your Time: Taking our time to get quiet, clear, ask for assistance and hear what we may at times not even want to hear allows us to communicate in a more coherent and heart-centered way that reflects our true nature giving a voice to the person we have grown into and are becoming.
  • Tell The Truth: As we engage the ever reciprocal cycle of learning and growing, reflection and communication, we begin to become more coherent as we fortify obedience to our own inner guidance system through the discipline and courage to relay the truth when we hear it.
  • Maybes Can Be Messy: Maybes can be messy- but you don’t have to rush through them. They often sound loud, noisy and out of touch like status. In this, take your time, it is okay- they are there for you meant to be reworked by you as you can adjust the parts, see if they shift it into a yes. If they don’t, you can check in with yourself and ask for clarity and assistance in processing them through. It could be as simple as acknowledging a not now as a true no- that could, of course, come back around later but at this moment, it is out of sync and the clarity is found as seeing a no for what it is.
  • Coherence: As you continue to get clear and choose words that feel like truth- you will become ever more present allowing the chips to fall where they may become increasingly comfortable with the uncomfortable through the faith and acknowledgment that experiences can turn out even better than initially imagined. Coherence often asks us to check in with ourselves and our desires to ensure that energetically we are on point and living in alignment with who, what and where we truly are. It asks us to release survival mechanisms and ego patterns to come into working solutions that part the red sea- as the truth is always there in plain sight. Sometimes we just need to be in its presence enough to receive the medicine that is already there waiting to be taken in. In essence, sending coherent messages is more about being authentically coherent first, and then, allowing the messages to fall out naturally as they inevitably will, opening up doors and closing the inappropriate ones, knowing that you can tailor-make and adjust the words along the way to match your unique expression.

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