Just Begin, Peace Comes From The Process That Yields Progress

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on how to just begin- peace comes from the process that yields progress. As what is turns into what isn’t, your confidence will build. Here, consistency is key and the continual reflection on what does and doesn’t work and ultimately why so you can continue to bring these lessons forward as you move along and continue to create.

  • Just Begin: By beginning the conversation with what it is you desire to create- you begin to actualize and develop latents parts of yourself that yield the fruit that comes with living a full life.
  • On Peace: Peace comes from the process that yields progress, in this, beginning becomes a direct gateway to peace.
  • Experience Your Experiences: When we begin to immerse ourselves in the beauty and intensity that makes up our lives in every shade of color, we can then extract and take in the lessons that come with experiencing our experiences and choose to bring them with us as we proceed forward more equipped and better able to navigate life itself.
  • On Fearlessness: There is nothing to be afraid of when you connect with yourself, return to the present moment, identify your truth and take aligned steps forward. Yes, there may be challenges to move through but you are able to move through any and every life experience presented.
  • Engage: When you want to check out, check in and engage. It’s easy to want to disconnect and divide ourselves from the process- but as mentioned the answers always lie in the commitment to let go, grow and take in the many lessons along the way. Let life build you as you build it!

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