How To Begin Something New

Beginning something new can be difficult- but it can also be easy. It is what it is- but it’s also what we make it, rendering an assortment of virtually unlimited experiential possibilities predicated on our ability to open up, becoming available, and apply, through choice, a perspective that empowers and-or disempowers. In this episode, we dive into how you can begin something new- which has, as always, threads of connection, presence and observation, with a through line of dedication, applied in the form of engaging the change, and self awareness as we work to create a continuous trajectory of expansion, moving upward through the highs and lows.

  • Consider Reality: Since the possibilities are unlimited, let’s get real and focus on the building blocks reality has so graciously provided. How can we work with what we have now to further develop and meet the criteria? where we can then apply empowered perception to deepen. Focusing on what we can do in the present moment allows us to appreciate what is relevant, establishing rapport and building an authentic relationship with reality, where we can continuously move forward, through, and develop accordingly, strengthened.
    • In my case, I chose CrossFit Orlando, because I was craving human interaction, community, routine, sweat and a growth oriented vibe. CrossFit seemed to meet the criteria- so I gave it a chance.
  • Set Yourself Up For Success: Preparation is about honoring the process- in other words, preparing is caring- and in case you need to permission, you are allowed to care. In fact, I recommend it. (As an aside, this is quite different from caring about things that are unproductive in nature and don’t matter- which is a topic for another day.) Being on your own team, means setting yourself up for success by applying your intelligence and making the choices that make it easier for you to transition and connect with the change. You may notice mechanisms of self-sabotage, etc. come into play, that’s okay, you don’t have to believe in them because you can choose to believe in yourself instead.
    • In my case, I made sure I knew where my work out clothes were, that I had enough socks, that I knew my schedule and pivoted if I missed a class. When I was at the gym, this meant that I showed up with presence, started to make friends and prepared by writing down my work outs.
  • Rise: If you choose experiences that raise your vibration, you will inevitably rise just by being a part of that ecosystem.  By being in that ecosystem, you can awaken, learning to recognize the qualities within, embody and develop a seemingly new aspect of self, now reflected back, that lied dormant. Like illumination, this can feel uncomfortable and equally, exciting. Cue Emergence, like a seemingly blank piece of paper that is actually an old time photograph, given the right elements, develops into a complete picture.
    • In my case, I find myself beginning to push the boundary of what I thought possible, embody strength and enjoy what my mind has typically deemed as more masculine elements to of self, like competition, intensity and on some level, aggression, that I have suppressed for so long. As an aside, I have noticed that I have been processing through more anger and rage than before- which has been such a freeing release! I have also noticed that I am structurally more sound, feeling more supported by my body, even energetically through out the day.
  • See Yourself In A Positive Light: Choosing to see yourself in a positive light is a choice that requires the release of judgment and the underlying, overarching commitment to empower the self. The easiest way to do this is to try it out and stop believing in judgment as motivation or drive. It may feel like motivation and it may have been at one point in time- but there is another way, where you can credit the self, encourage the self, welcome the self and nurture from love versus fear and control- which have limitations and can only tread the surface of what is possible- covering up what is suppressed, delaying the inevitable- meaning what is being covered up will come out, and it becomes easier if and when it is your choice. When it comes up, it can set you free- if you allow it to- embracing it with love, is like a growth oriented party trick, which releases the resistance, bringing in resilience making change that much easier all the way around. For more on this, check here.
    • In my case, this meant noticing the thoughts of how awkward and uncomfortable I felt but shifting into engaging the change and learning the fundamentals of how to do the movements and going at my own pace.
  • Don’t Back Down: There are highs in lows in every process. Fluctuations are real- but your choice is the through line. Don’t back down. Give your choices a chance to work for you. Choosing to show up, with presence and commitment, by staying in the decision- will build your self-confidence and deepen your faith. When you feel like opting out remember why you started.
    • More on this later, but in my case, this meant looking at the LG&G Matrix I created for patients and LG&G participants- it also meant just straight up “driving my body there”, remembering that I can apply all of the skills above to enjoy being in my body and car as I drive it there ;) !

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