Figure Eight, Health Drives Growth And Growth Drives Health

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on how health drives growth and growth drives health (like a figure eight!) It takes time and actual space to bring experiences to life. In this way, action speaks louder than words, when we reach into aligning choice with desire, we can cut through the noise and get real about creation.

  • Creating A Healthy Ecosystem: Creating an environment conducive to health and growth must take into consideration each individual and the whole.
  • Healthy Foundations Implemented Practically: Basics like filtered air, water, time to rest and relax, healthy snacks and skills like meditation can become the bedrock of a growth oriented culture.
  • Taking Care of Each Individual: To take care of each individual in the context of the whole, leadership must actually care- actually give, actually listen and receive feedback, etc. Without this intention to care set in motion, all else is lost and will never be enough as it skirts around the substance versus actually being it (substantial).
  • Contrast: It is highly important to note the contrast between dark and light, distress and expansion, toxicity and health so that we can opt for vibrations that align with the places we are looking to go as companies and orgs.
  • Attention- Focus- Concentration- Creation: Awareness gives rise to choice, what are we taking the time and space to place our attention on, focus through, concentrate on and create as we breathe through every step of the process and see our creations through as we allow them to saturate and come to and through us naturally? These are the steps we can be with and see through as we connect, show up and work with what we have through what we can do.

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