How To Trust Yourself More Than Ever Before

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on how to trust yourself more than ever before. Every time we make a choice that empowers us, it’s like investing in our relationship with ourselves. These choices gradually build confidence and trust, and it’s far more effortless and delightful when done within a nurturing and compassionate environment.

  • Self-Rejection: As a child we typically begin to disconnect from and dismiss our own preferences in order to feel safety and love from our parents and the people around us. As we get older, we often carry this pattern, which stings as a constant form of self-rejection and harm. These micro-transgressions and violations lead to increased disconnection- until we become aware and choose to move through our patterns and come home to ourselves. In this, we begin to uncover and work through issues, stored in the body and energy fields, such as self-rejection, neglect and abandonment, in order to process the feelings and return.
  • A Moment To Reflect: Have you ever had an experience where you knew that you knew what was right for you but chose a misaligned choice anyway? I think we all have! When we become aware of this, we often feel annoyed, frustrated and angry at ourselves or displace these feelings onto another. Instead, we can take this as our signal to connect and get to know what our intuition looks and feels like for future use.
  • It’s Time To Trust Ourselves: We live in a world that in many ways pits us against ourselves. Although this may be normal for others, it doesn’t have to be normal for you. We can learn the signs and signals of our bodies and reunite with it accordingly.
  • The Choice To Reunite: In the choice to reunite, there must be a choice to stay with the self through thick and thin. Making it a lived experience that it is safe to feel what you feel and think what you think and sort through parts as you remove the conditions we’ve learned to place on love. The way out is always through- and this journey can begin by making room to feel and continuously deciding to end the war within.
  • Embracing Who, What & Where You Are: If you don’t have a clear sense of self- who, what and where you are, this is the first step [place link here]. After this step, embracing these concepts will allow you to bring them to life. One step at a time.

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