How Can We Go Go Go Slow?

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on how we can go go go slow. There are no shortcuts to building a relationship with yourself, your system and your reality. You must set out through intention to do so and then, commit whole-heartedly with each and every cell of your being. Checking in and out and continuously wavering will keep you in a limbo like state until you break it and return home into and through the present moment.

  • The Toroidal Field: The toroidal field is this beautiful, Cinderella pumpkin-like shape that stems from the heart- for more information, check here. This field, when attended to, can reflect a state of robust health as we choose the choices that create expansion and that are in alignment with health and growth.
  • When We Crowd Our Space: We can crowd our space in many ways and doing can certainly be one of them, especially when the doing is devoid of being- as it begins to clutter versus clear. We can also crowd our time and space with people, places, things and situations that don’t match the energy of expansion and growth.
  • How To Clear It Up: When we choose to reconnect and return to the present moment, we have the opportunity to see what is already there. In this seeing, we are able to understand each item’s adaptive purpose and how it came to be. In this, we can choose to develop it further if it works for us- or in this case, when referring to clearing our space, we can begin to dismantle and unknit what no longer works as we come in to deepened understanding of what could work better and what is in alignment of our truth and true nature.
  • How Can I Go Go Go Slow?: Being mindful of dopaminergic kicks and how, when used in excess, can make it far more difficult, arrest and in some cases steal our ability to process. By slowing down, we can be in to get real about change which is exactly what distraction and quick hits do not allow.
  • On Being: Beautiful means full of being. You are already capable, beautiful, unique- you don’t have to try when you already are. This life is an unfoldment and unraveling that requires us to surrender and let go versus add to what is already perfect. It can be described often as a reclamation, noting that by definition we cannot reclaim or recover what isn’t there.

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