Healing Through The Authentic Self, Parts Work And Seeing What You See

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on healing through the authentic self, parts work and seeing what you see. View the YouTube video of the Still Face Experiment by Dr. Edwards right here.

  • The Authentic Self: When you close your eyes who do you see? Who comes to you as the healthiest version? Here, from the growth you have attained you can heal the seemingly broken parts of you.
  • Connection: Connection, attention, engagement, love- all of these are basic human needs.
  • Flailing Fluctuations: At times we may feel like we are on a rollercoaster of ups and downs. However, stability can come not from trying to control the external but by placing a focus on connection to self, where we can make the final decision on how we respond to what seems erratic and volatile. In our ability to choose lies peace.
  • Structure and Flow: With a strong spine and structure it becomes easier to open the heart, mind, body and life to flow. This is the essence of masculine and feminine nature.
  • Sunk Cost, No Más: When we disconnect and disassociate we often want to invest more into that to try to fix what can’t be fixed like an effort to go back in time. No more. This is a dead end and unproductive- instead you can always turn towards and move in the direction that you want for your life. In essence, when you remember to remember actually remembering is the key. You can always plug back in, turn on the light by choosing to reconnect- reset and remember!

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