On Epigenetics, Shifting From Disease to Health

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on the science of epigenetics, the study of how your behaviors and environment can cause changes that affect the way that genes work, and how to shift from disease to health. The CDC has released that only about ten percent of disease can be directly attributed to our genes- this shift in the tides of how we perceive drivers of health has the ability to free and change your relationship with health. You can take your power back and make choices fueled with purpose and complete ownership!

  • Aligning With Our Experiences: We can begin to align with our experiences by shifting our perspective to see them as unconditionally happening for versus to us.
  • Epigenetics: Epigenetics literally means above the gene and is defined as the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself.
  • We Are Not Ruled By Our Genome: Of course genes have an impact and-or influence, but at the end of the day the power lies in our own hands, within our power of choice.
  • Disease-Health Is A Spectrum: Through our power of choice and with the tools to interpret our system’s language, we can choose, starting where we are now, which path we would like to take.
  • Order: Who Has Who? Do you have health or does it have you? If health has you, we can reorient and shift our perspective to change our experience and come into a posture that works for rather than against us.

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