Healing Is Simple And Why The Mind Doesn’t Always Like That

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on how healing is simple and why the mind doesn’t always like that. When a challenge arises, remember that it is coming up for you. It’s asking you to connect, find meaning, to let go and grow. Engage in this process, and it will not only clear, it will bring freedom, health, and all of the high vibe states that you desire.

  • Healing Is Simple: Education is key but once we generate awareness, results come from dropping into the simplicity of choice.
  • Doritos or Apples?: We all know what is healthier. An Apple is clearly healthier than a bag of doritos from an objective, nutritional standpoint.
  • Getting Real: Many of us tell ourselves we have tried or currently do everything- yet this everything continuously equates to nothing- which means a rearrangement is in order. When our doing of everything equates to nothing- it’s time to get real and recognize we may feel we have tried a lot but we clearly have work to do and we can always change things up. Sometimes less is more, other times more is more- however, the key with healing and to getting results is to build a solid, yet resilient foundation and personalize from there.
  • Sunk Cost Fallacy: This can be defined as the phenomenon whereby a person is reluctant to abandon a strategy or course of action because they have invested heavily in it, even when it is clear that abandonment would be more beneficial.
  • Functional Medicine: Are your choices functional, meaning that they work and function, or dysfunctional and wreaking havoc? Medicine can be precise and targeted.

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