Entitlement Is Useless

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on how entitlement is useless- unproductive at best and increasingly self-destructive as it builds a wall between you and your ability to shift and create. By choosing to own our experiences, we can also choose to experience and create joy, peace, love and so much more by choosing the choices that align with health and growth while releasing what keeps it just outside of our reach.

  • Own Your Power: If you don’t own it all- change will always be just out of reach. By owning who, what and where you are and engaging in creation itself- you not only reap the rewards you learn that you are the lock and the key.
  • Entitlement is Useless: Yes. Futile- Unproductive- Elusive- Delusional and Self-Destructive at best.
  • Interrupting What Doesn’t Work: You can virtually interrupt the recirculated with any empowering choice you can think of- start where you are with what you have and if you don’t know which way to go, go within- start with your heartbeat as your reminder and companion commitment to your intention of change.
  • Diving Deeper: Growth requires continued commitment. It is in built but we each have free will. To access the experiences we desire to experience, we must continuously cut the chord of victimhood that keeps it from us as we reach in and embody the change itself. This is about affirming life before it affirms you, over and over again- faith. It’s not always easy but truly would you rather be right or have life? Misery is a self-induced state.
  • Actualization: Instead of believing in the external, believe in yourself- cue true self-confidence- from that space actualization can finally take hold as you work on every level and reclaim all of the parts that present themselves to you within your mind, body, heart and life.

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