On How We Can Enter Into The Dark Through The Light

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on how we can enter into the dark through the light. Uncertainty is recognized as an integral part of the growth process, positioned not as an obstacle but as a guiding element, leading us to dive within and attune ourselves to our inner voice.

  • Fixed: Working off of Oxford Languages, fixed can be defined as, “to fasten securely in place, stemming from the Latin root, figo, which means to fix or fasten.”
  • What Have You “Fixed”?: The question becomes, can you fix what is not broken? Is that resistance a dead end? Does the process not amplify in an effort to get your attention (and set you free)?
  • You Make Sense: It makes sense to want to make sense of the process, to- in other words, check the boxes- but can we box what wants out? To send our systems a signal of safety, we can begin to touch base with the truth and work with what is versus against it. In this effort, we begin to trade out the old for the new that adds up in a coherent way, even if certain elements remain uncertain and unclear.
  • Uncertainty: Uncertainty, in it of itself, is a part of the process. It’s perfectly place to assist you in going within, as we learn how to listen to and hear our inner voice.
  • Into The Dark Through The Light: It is my belief that life itself stems from God and our true nature, the authentic self is one with God. In this, I have found, when we walk into the dark through the light, we can receive in the way we are meant to. In this, we can experience how the experience has been happening for us all along. Here, we can choose to surrender our troubles to the light, in real time, found within the authentic self, to allow God in as we facilitate the process. Facilitation of events, I have found, takes the pressure off and eases the pain, allowing us to work with and on the process.

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