Close The Tabs

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on closing the tabs. Saying no to what is wrong for you is the same as saying yes to what is right for you. Click into yourself and your vision versus denying yourself of your desires. Once clear, choose accordingly and when you remember to remember, remember- don’t go dark for too long.

  • Close The Tabs: By removing the energy that is mismatched and out of alignment you can place more focus onto what works for and with you and your life.
  • Give What You Want A Chance To Enter: So often we energetically block what we want from coming in by entertaining old and outdated models of being often upheld by the people and life experiences we choose to surround ourselves with. This suffocates our desires, and by letting go, we give them a chance to breathe.
  • Mental Gymnastics: Does it take a lot of energy to create a storyline to buffer a choice that does not benefit you. At the end of the day 2.5 + 3 does not equal 4- and by honoring the signs and signals of your system you can set yourself free by simply working with and embracing the truth and the powerful next steps that may take an application of courage, structure and strength.
  • Choosing Yourself: Something can be good but not good for you. Someone can be great but not great for you. Listen to hear- and let your heart guide you to the people and experiences that match your vibration.
  • Listen To Hear: When you learn to hear yourself, your choices can come into alignment with a universal order, or God’s will, that can actually appreciate your uniqueness and the expansion that is available to you at all times. This pathway type takes courage but it will make more sense than not. This is where nonsense makes perfect sense to the one willing to receive the messages ever present and built into one’s own self and life.

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