In this episode, we dive into the importance of the fundamentals, what they are and how you can apply them!

  • When The Foundation Becomes A Springboard: Without a strong and resilient foundation, all of our health and growth practices will fall short.
  • The Fundamentals: The fundamentals (such as mindset, diet and lifestyle) are a series of choices that we can make every single day to take care of the basics and move forward with confidence. In this, they have the ability to remove limitations and click us into our natural state!
  • Freeing Up Energetic Resources: Identifying the fundamentals, and then, optimizing them (Let Go & Grow), can free up a well of resourceful energy that have the power to end the war, lessen the noise and clear the path- making it that much easier to simply continue the conversation with the new.
  • There Are No Shortcuts: This requires us to shift gears and recognize that there are no shortcuts. Getting real, in this way, allows us to see shortcuts as a trap that we can stop believing in and attending to- freeing up our valuable time, energy and effort for the choices that work and empower.
  • Our Natural State: Regeneration and momentum are a part of our natural state. When we identify the fundamentals, we can, then, make them our own, entering into enhanced states of health and vitality as we deepen into and continue to draw upon what works.

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More Resources

Check out our Mind Body Reset right here. This 6 week course is where you will have the opportunity to send your mind and body an empowering, new message of safety and peace through your presence and the same mindset, diet, lifestyle techniques and holistic therapies that I use in my private practice- as you establish a new baseline for your health and well-being and build a relationship with it based on the truth about healing.

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