It is not happening to you; it is happening for you.

What if there is a better way to handle stress? What if it was actually an opportunity for growth and development? A sign to redirect and change?

Stress is a part of the human experience, a natural part of being alive, which is something to be grateful for in of itself. Next time you experience a challenge, acknowledge it, embrace it, go within and see how you can grow through it. Dive deep and allow it to make you even stronger and more resilient than you already are! Let’s look at some of the effects of holistic management on reducing stress.

Positive Effects of Holistic Management

According to a study by Rentala Et Al. that was published in Journal of Education and Health Promotion, there have been findings that indicate holistic stress management programs have a positive effect on reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and improving well-being. The study includes academic stress among adolescents and how holistic stress management equipped the adolescents with good mental health to then improve their academic performance.

The experimental group participants participated in eight sessions of holistic group-based stress management program over a period of 1 month. The intervention comprises of body–mind–spirit strategies focusing on techniques to handle stressful situations, accept responsibility for their own well-being, and take charge of self-health. Control group participants did not receive any intervention. Post-intervention assessments were conducted for all the participants on monthly intervals for 6 months. 

After the 6 months of the group-based stress management program the adolescent’s well-being saw an enhancement. The program overall helped personality development and a balanced lifestyle. This study shows that there are easy to practice holistic stress management programs that can tremendously reduce academic stress along with other types of stress and will enhance the well-being of an adolescent.


Some other things you can do to lower stress levels can also be to:

  • Go to sleep earlier
  • Experiment with aromatherapy
  • Penetrating the physical body through acupuncture
  • Practicing yoga and meditation 


But truthfully, the most invasive intervention is to change the core of your belief system. Changing your perception can help you decrease your stress levels. If you change the way that you see your stress, then your physiological experience changes at the exact same time.


Heart Based Practice: A Simple 3 Minute Mediation

One of the meditations that can help you with changing your mindfulness and can decrease your stress is the Heart Based Practice. This practice embodies a simplicity that allows you to easily perform it and change your perspective. The practice’s ability to shift our experience in a just a moment is amazing and can allow for you to opt out of old, outdated patterns and choose anew. The best thing to do is to let go of what isn’t working and keep improving and growing through the experiences we want to create. We always want to remember that we are the creators of our own reality.


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