Going back to school is a transition period for parents and children alike, and learning to go with the flow instead of against it is not always an easy lesson. Going back to school is usually met with resistance from children creating stress for parents and a myriad of shared physiological and psychological symptoms… But what if I told you this time around could be different?


Flower Remedies, also known as flower essences, are made of wildflowers, and can be found in form of a tincture at your local health food store, or online. Each flower remedy is unique in that it addresses a specific mental-emotional imbalance, while working to reduce stress, transform fear, raise self awareness and bring about an over all sense of well-being to you and your life. The remedies have been used around the world as a complementary therapy alongside other modalities, and are a natural, safe and effective way to address the many challenges, and in this case changes, that life brings.


So here are my suggestions for parents and children during the back to school transition:


Chestnut Bud, “The Live and Learn Flower”, can be used when you feel like you are stuck in a pattern and continue to make the same mistakes and create the same experiences over and over again. This flower will help you to let go of these old patterns and make room for new experiences to enter into your life.


Elm, “The Capable Flower”, can be used when you feel overwhelmed, inadequate, and burdened by responsibility. This flower will put the ball in motion and leave you feeling capable and confident in your abilities.


Gentian, “The Pick Me Up Flower”, can be used when you are feeling discouraged or set back. This flower will help you to look at the bright side of things and understand that set backs are a natural part of the learning process.


Larch, “The Confidence Flower”, can be used in times when you feel failure and lack self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth. This flower will help you to focus on your strengths and believe in your abilities.


Finally, Walnut, “The Let Go and Grow Flower”, can be used in time of transition to facilitate the process of letting go and moving forward. This flower will help you to go with the flow and have faith in the process of life.


You can conveniently take the remedies together by purchasing a separate mixing bottle, filling it with spring water and placing two drops of each single remedy into the solution. I recommend taking 4 drops of the final mixture 4 times a day sublingually, with intention.


(article published in the July 2014: A Better You edition of the Orlando Sentinel)