In this segment on WKMG channel 6 news, Dr. Brooke Stuart talks all about how to strengthen your relationships, not just on Valentine’s day. For the full segment, check out the video above! 

Relationships can be a source of an acute or chronic adverse reaction or a pronounced well of profound benefit- which makes them extraordinarily important to address when moving out of a disease and into a healing state. Regardless of your relationship status, it starts with you- which is exactly what we dove into in this segment.

Throughout the segment we discuss how to strengthen your relationships by diving into the following topics:

  • presence and connection: showing up intentionally, being available, creating the space to have quality time together, connect and have meaningful experiences
  • interdependence: where there is complete support and space, being on each other’s team but having your own identity and interests so that you can have inner fulfillment and bring more to the table
  • empowered communication: releasing the ego to understand and become solution oriented, this require self awareness and cultivating the ability to respond rather than react
  • make it your own: your relationship is unique, so drop the comparison and embody it all- it’s important to look at relationships through a both-and lens rather than either or, where qualities such as playfulness and depth, variety and certainty can all coexist
  • holding a shared vision: embracing the journey while moving forward, working together and through challenges, a shared vision can provide direction and a sense of purpose
  • the greatest gift: the greatest gift you could ever give to your partner is an investment in yourself, the better you are, the more you can give to the relationship


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