Shifting Anxiety Into Peace and Presence Through The Heart Based Practice & Other Fundamentals

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion at the UCF Exchange on shifting anxiety into peace and presence through the heart based practice and other fundamentals. We can change and create whole new patterns for our mind, bodies, and lives as a whole by returning to the present moment and taking our power back.

  • Anxiety Is Natural: Sometimes anxiety can symbolize a mismatch other times it can be a natural part of a growth oriented process.
  • Become Aware: By becoming aware, we give ourselves space to see anxiety as an experience we can shift versus an identity we are stuck in and bound to. Here, we can choose to return to the present moment, calling ourselves back, as we connect to what is right in front of us with thanksgiving and gratitude.
  • Coming To And Plugging Into Your Own Self: At any point in time, you can place your hands over your heart, take a deep breath and shift states through simply reminding yourself of who, what and where you are.
  • The Fundamentals: Clean Water. Whole Foods. Organized Home. Deep Rest. Joy. Play. Conversation. Movement. Love. Connection. Gratitude. These things matter and when aligned they make it easier to feel the experience and beauty of the benevolent universe and self that is always accessible in the here and now.
  • Safe Places: As we walk this path, it is helpful to begin to recognize our lives, our bodies, our minds, our spirits, life, etc. as a safe place to be and be with. Within this deep faith, we can exhale, relax and choose choices from an entirely different perspective- as we drop off our armor and enter in multidimensional states of peace that pass understanding. This coupled with compassionate inquiry and the work of gratitude and the generous energy of thanksgiving can shift anxiety in the blink of an eye.

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