High Vibes, On Keeping Your Vibration High

In this episode of heartbeat, we dive into a discussion on keeping your vibration high by investing in the choices that invest in you, building out a reciprocal relationship. Choosing the choices that invest in you creates the space to focus on what we truly desire, and often what we desire is an initial foundation based on truth that naturally, becomes a springboard for more.

  • Investing Wisely: You have the power to choose your choices and to choose with the wisdom of what you have learned. Applying this wisdom is a part of the process that can allow for new and deepened states of manifestation through unconditional faith to occur.
  • Reciprocal Relationships: Noticing what people, places, things and situations give back when you show is another important part of the process. This is not about expectation and control. This is about simply noticing what lifts you up, what feels good and healthy, and allowing yourself to make informed choices from this space.
  • 3:01: Sometimes it can be difficult to traverse the resistance brought about by the mind and ego. However, let yourself be with it, remember who and what you are and as you allow your presence to saturate all that encourages and develops your true desires. In this, peace can and will come forth and you will be able to move forward from that place of power.
  • Appreciation: When you choose with wisdom and invest in the choices that invest and support you, an appreciation for yourself and the process occurs. Here, we can appreciate all that does and doesn’t work, and become receptive to the information available through the review.
  • Keep Your Vibration High: As you begin to align with who you truly are, it becomes increasingly important to keep your vibration incredibly high. Paying attention to what works and what does not, what creates tension and a deep exhalation, states of contraction and expansion, etc. Here, your body can begin to be a vessel of this information. Often, physical symptoms, such as fatigue- pain- insomnia- etc. do not have physical causes alone- with this, you can become open to the messages available through your body vessel that seeks to relay and equally relies on you to choose, through informed consent, wisely.

Not sure where to begin? You can always reconnect, reset and remember, through heart based practice, our simple 3 min. meditation right here.

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