Retiring The Role, On Drifting And A New Way To See Boundaries

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on retiring the role, on drifting, and a new way to see boundaries. We can all come home at any point in time- it’s all about being aware and choosing to access the power you’ve grown into.

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  • Retiring The Role: We can retire the roles we play at any point in time. Remember that and seek to understand why they surfaced and how they served.
  • On Drifting: There is a difference between drifting and completely disconnecting. Drifting requires a knowledge of self where we have enough integrity to call ourselves home. With drifting we may look the part but we are not being who we are gathered in the present moment- here we may go through the motions with a sort of half presence. Whereas disconnecting is more of a complete break where nothing works.
  • Understanding Why: Instead of trying to tame, fix and suppress parts of ourselves, we can practice the art and science of opening up to understanding them. This is how we can relax and release in a way where we have it vs. it having us.
  • Creating Shock: We create shock to bring us back- but we can come back from a place of maturation and love. When we understand why we drift and how to come back we no longer require shock to bring us back into the present moment and to ourselves.
  • Boundaries Empowered: Yes and No. Learning how to say these two words from the deep, authentic self can change everything. Here, we can choose to set boundaries to cherish ourselves from a place of love vs. blocking experiences from a place of fear.

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