On Neutrality, Personality Disorders And Moving Through The Highs And Lows

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on neutrality, personality disorders and moving through the highs and lows. When you choose the choices that match the truth of who you are, you will begin to invest in and accelerate the emergence of the authentic self. This builds an ongoing momentum that holds within it a regenerating effect- making it increasingly easier to let go and grow.

  • Highs And Lows: The highs and lows can be looked at as an ever-changing tide. If we get caught up, we create a rift between and drift further from ourselves. How can we come back to shore? Connection, presence and an engagement of neutrality where we begin to let go of our instinct to keep up and feed the highs and fix the lows.
  • On Neutrality: When we come into a neutral place of wholeness, where we don’t need or crave but see and choose, we can then work from a place of love as we learn and understand vs. attempt to tame and suppress, avoid or aggravate. Neutrality allows us to remain centered in the midst of the ever-changing so that we can see our power and decide how and from what place we want to proceed.
  • Personality Disorders: I believe personality disorders are an adaptive mechanism and an exhibition of a part of us. In a relationship with someone who has this patterning, we can learn from and accept the past and make decisions in our present moment that are healthy for and free us rather than making the decisions that perpetuate toxicity. Here, we have the opportunity to remove the roles and remove the shoulds for: What do I want to do here? What is the best next step? What works for the whole of and the trajectory of my life?
  • Self Driven Growth, Activated: Growth is a choice, and it comes from within. Here, worlds can change, conversations can go places and relationships can heal as we activate and step into experiencing ourselves and others in new and incredible ways.
  • Dynamics Of Trust: Transparent, accountable, connected, present, reliable, authentic, consistent… there are many more but these are a few!

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