Reminders, On Light and Dark and Choosing Light

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on reminders, on light and dark and choosing light. You are the creator of your reality because you have the power to choose choices- and only you can be the one to choose the light. When you see the way out of darkness, take it- simply observe the differences between dark vs. light, expansion vs. contraction, when you feel best vs. when you don’t.

  • Dark and Light: It’s important to take time to objectively identify the unique characteristics and markings that make up your brand of dark and light.
  • Reminders: Intentionally building a life filled with reminders can help you work through the dark by accessing the light within yourself in the here and now. Reminders can act as steadfast and unwavering pillars and can come in many forms- people, places, things, situations, communities, activities, etc.
  • Thinking Things Through: When you take the time to think things through, less apparent and perfectly ordered options may appear. Through the act of connection, presence and deep observation, anew understanding can come forth. From here, all you have to do is choose the next best step for you.
  • Personal Protocols: In the Reminders workbook.. coming at some point soon, I created a grid space specifically for personal protocols. Here, you can write down what does and doesn’t work. Feel free to recreate this by taking the time and space to unpack and break down the topic, the reminder, the impact and ideal working protocol.
  • Choosing With Objectivity: When you take the time and space to come back to yourself through the present moment, you can move forward and choose choices objectively. Here, you can release reactivity by seeing the whole picture and checking in to ensure you are taking the steps that align with your pathway forward.

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