Open Roads, How Freedom Can Moonlight As Restriction And Vice Versa

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on open roads, how freedom can moonlight as restriction and vice versa. We can be willing to use awareness to empower ourselves, transforming our lives as a whole, in the process. Consider your options. Then, allow yourself to reach in to choose the best choices available to you. When you notice a reflex, let yourself be with it, before reacting so that you can respond from a place of what is in alignment with you and where you are choosing to go.

  • Energetic Alignment: When you know better, do better- if only it were that easy. It certainly becomes easier and easier when we begin to connect and get present and real with ourselves, our choices and their energetic roots!
  • When Restriction Moonlights As Freedom: Sometimes we think we are free but we are blocking ourselves by pretending to be free and getting caught up in rationalizing, explaining and justifying why we are right about having to do something a certain way or not being able to do something at all. Why can’t you count calories or look at the scale or eat gluten? True freedom would mean that you could choose freely- whether yes or no to an experience- from a place of freedom, expansion and love for the self versus fear and the irrational need to be right of rooted in the insecurity that you may be wrong.
  • When Freedom Moonlights As Restriction: Sometimes the choice to say no and install a boundary is a true saying yes to ourselves- until it isn’t. For example, if I say no to alcohol and engage a dry January, I may be saying yes to other parts of myself and to the ideas that come with it- so I can choose this, even if I feel fear, from a place of love. There may also come a time when I truly desire and feel ready to integrate it back into my life aka the proverbial February. In this case, I can begin to engage this process of integration and move accordingly letting the lessons take hold as I take them with me.
  • Integration: Integration is a continual process. Here, awareness dawns and then, it deepens. We try on new choices. keep what we like, let go of what we don’t and let them take hold in our lives through sorting through the pros and cons and reaching in to choose the best choice for ourselves at that given moment in time- not in a reflexive way- but in a way that asks us to look at where we are in the context of the whole picture inclusive of where we are going and ask what would I like to do- what can I do- and how? By staying in the conversation with ourselves and the process with an eye toward growth and moving forward everything can fall into place as we allow ourselves to deepen into the present moment connected to our ability to create what we desire for ourselves and our lives.
  • Removing The Blocks: Removing the blocks requires us to get real and stay in the conversation with ourselves and our process- where are we truly at with it? Why can’t we go there? what is the truth of the matter? Why am I pretending all is well when it does not feel like it at all? How can I shift the dial to continue to turn fear into freedom, expansion and love? If it’s charged and not neutral, there are most likely still issues there and you are allowed to care as you become increasingly aware of the issues and your power to find the solution. Freedom is experienced as freedom and you can’t force or fake getting to this place. This place also deepens and changes as we learn and grow.

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