On Mind Based Interference and the Ego’s Influence

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on defining the ego and how recognizing the role of your ego is a needed step to take action towards greater fulfillment. Ego may give us a sense of safety and security, but it acts as an alarm system, sometimes kicking into overdrive- usually because we do not feel safe or secure. We can allow the ego to be what it is and play its part while being in the present moment, recognizing these patterns, and allowing ourselves to grow through them.

  • Definitions: Definitions allow us to apply meaning and communicate a specific message in which we can engage a dialogue around and come into an understanding with. Through the act of defining, we can begin to make words useful, more able to identify problems and solutions.
  • The Mind: The mind can be seen as a container for enculturation and our own learned experiences.
  • The Ego: The ego is a built in survival mechanism that works to protect, dive and conquer.
  • The Purpose: By understanding the antics and the purpose of the mind and ego, we can also understand how it can interfere and influence our system and power of choice. Here, through observation, we can begin to transcend these patterns and take our power back as we tap into our innate ability to rework our reality creations, with intentionality, and how we experience them.
  • I Am Safe With Me: Through this awareness and the healing energies of love and compassion, we naturally begin to shift states, becoming increasingly able to apply the knowledge we have of ourselves. Here and only here, we can begin to feel safe- as we own our power and use it to train, teach, guide, lead, reparent, develop and nurture each part of ourselves. Showing up for the self, in this way, in the present moment and choosing to be with who, what and where we truly are can initiate this process directly and send a powerful signal of safety to the system. In this ecosystem, where we are held, we can finally exhale and release the trappings of darkness as we experience and step into more and more light.

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