Opening Up Part II

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on opening up (part two). We can rework our perspective, through choice, at any moment in time- and in this, we can directly shift our experience and state. Owning your experiences frees them to work for you and allows you to shift the dial and change them. Here, it is what it is, and then, it can be what you make it. For Opening Up Part I, check here.

  • Reverse The Curse: We can detangle deep familial and enculturated patterns through reclaiming our power of choice in the here and now.
  • Structure and Support: Providing structure and support through the fundamental basics, including the ability to get clear on our yes and no’s, is a way of securing and self-sourcing safety and self-trust as we move forward.
  • Grow As You Go: Every experience is an opportunity to learn and grow. Our only job is to continue to return to the present moment and open up to and choose choices in alignment with our authentic selves.
  • Why We Feel Unsafe: Who are you with 24-7? Yourself. If you feel unsafe and have trouble opening up to receive and release, there may be issues arising. Here, you can choose to stop running and turn towards them. In this, you will begin to experience your power and be less afraid of and more at peace within yourself.
  • More On Opening Up: To open up, start with returning to the present moment, becoming receptive to your voice (your preferences, your wants, needs, desires and fears) and reclaiming your power of choice to choose in alignment with it. Start here, and begin to watch the tides turn as you begin to see and experience the light within you that is always available if you choose to see it!

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