Faith, Freedom and Unboxing Yourself

In this episode, we dive into faith, freedom and how to unbox yourself- which is a process that becomes easier as we acclimate and tap into certain elements like intuition and faith that become ever more clear as we move forward on and with life affirming choices. Through awakening to who and what we are through the present moment, we can begin to heal in new and miraculous ways. As we shift from a state of survival to vitality and growth, we can send our system a new signal of safety that allows for a deep expression and unpacking of the mental, emotional and physical symptoms. These symptoms often emerge for us, as messengers and lessons waiting to be learned, showcasing many of the ways in which we are misaligned and disconnected from our true nature. In this video, we talk about how to make the shift, what the shift can look like and the joy that can come with limitless living.

  • Unboxing Yourself: In order to break free, we must first become aware of the ways in which we have boxed ourselves in. With this awareness, often comes a natural unboxing. As expansion sets in, a deep exhalation follows, creating space as we let go and grow and step out and step up from under what no longer fits and-or works for us in the same way. We will always resist what restricts, identified by distress, tension and the inflammatory noise of symptoms, to catch our attention so that we can then, pivot and redirect towards freedom.
  • You Don’t Have To Dim Your Light. Creators create, leaders lead. As the creator and leader of your life, you do not need to dismiss parts of yourself to make yourself and-or others comfortable. You do not need to violate yourself to make yourself and-or others comfortable. You don’t have to diminish your accomplishments, make yourself small or dim your light and-or suppress what is inside of you to make yourself and-or others comfortable. Being comfortable is an illusion. What you work to control, will wind up controlling you. Check mate. And being comfortable is definitely not the same as being alive, connected, present, at peace, confident, loving, secure, faithful and free.
  • Raising Your Vibration: As you come into contact with new and more empowered states, you can work with and facilitate the process by acknowledging and embracing what is and is not. External and internal circumstances will relay such information over time, and as long as you are growth oriented and continue to turn towards solutions, all will become clear. In the meantime, use what is in plain sight to navigate- build with the building blocks given. Let yourself build your kingdom by choosing the healthiest options, the choices that align with your vision, being what you see now, choosing that which empowers versus disempowers, and going from there. Here, by practically raising the vibration of the people, places, things and situations in your life, you will also change your internal state and vice versa. It works both ways.
  • You Don’t Need To Fit In When You Belong: The world needs you to be you. Your unique gifts and talents, reflective of your signature essence, are a source of light, meant to be here- you and only you belong, and a settled version just will not cut it. The amount of time and energy that goes into the illusion of comfort through forms of self suppression, destruction and sabotage need just to be shifted towards growth to become fruitful and productive. Giving yourself permission to come home and embrace all that you are, naturally dropping the labels in the process, will illuminate the blind spots and give others permission to do the same. Not to worry, although initially – potentially uncomfortable, all will reorient, becoming far more sustainable, based on truth, because you decided to lead your life as the leader you are.
  • Faith: Faith can make this free fall of a life more fun and enjoyable, providing an overarching and underlying experience of being held and supported as you make decisions that may not always make sense to yourself and others. Faith sends an overwhelming signal of safety, lessening the noise, making it increasingly easier to read the signs and believe in what has not yet met the eye. The process of affirming life before it affirms you is much like waking before the sun rises, knowing that it will.

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