On Why Talking Sh*t Is Not Helpful

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on why talking sh*t is not helpful. By choosing solution-oriented choices, you can begin to reverse engineer what does not work to discover what does and can- allowing a dismantling to take place as you decide to cut ties with the reality you no longer resonate with for one that matches your vibration now.

  • What Talking Sh*t Does For Us: Commiseration connection, defense, pseudo protection, feeding victim consciousness and control versus empowerment- this is what unproductive conversation can do for us- it can build walls between us and solution- it can step in for connection that won’t satisfy because it is devoid of a connection to and with our authentic self.
  • What It Doesn’t: It can’t set us free- it inhibits growth and learning, openness and receptivity to the personal and collective source.
  • Solution Orientation: Would I actually be right or have life and heal? If we choose to reverse engineer and extract the essence of our experiences, we can tap into the open road that is always available while traveling to new places within the self and in the world.
  • When We No Longer Believe In Old Models: It’s not always what we say but where it stems from. When we no longer believe in old models and we see the dead ends as our awareness expands, we can, with more present availability, choose the choices that align with our intention and in this commit to building of new pathways and life experiences.
  • Are We Energetically Aligned?: Energy speaks volumes, and we don’t even have to say a word- the clearer we get and the more we embody our inner voice through our choice, the more change we invite in and the more it takes hold.

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