On How To Reverse Engineer Your Experiences

In this episode of heartbeat, we dive into a discussion on how to reverse engineer your experiences and recognize what you truly want. By getting clear on your personal values through observation and awareness, you can begin to make choices that are in alignment with who you are and what you desire to create. Identifying what lies beneath the surface can help us to move forward, freely, with momentum as we allow creation to work for and with us.

  • Removing Right and Wrong: What do you truly want? A beach house or deep relaxation- It’s not always just about the beach house but if it is that’s okay. Within or without, we can let what we want take us on a journey, where we will inevitably need both in order to create.
  • Focus vs. Fixation: Analysis can often trap us in our own heads, almost vexed through fixation, as we try and try to figure out our desires in a way that narrows our field of vision, leaving us either frozen or recirculating. The solution? Awareness- which can come through observation, where we can begin to apply attention and focus to reverse engineer and break down the information available. This becomes useful as we acknowledge the whole picture, mobilize our findings and focus on what we can do.
  • Removing Attachment To The Outcome: To remove attachment to the outcome, we must focus on the process, learning how to connect and enjoy each step with an openness that precedes the receptivity to show up for and receive from our experiences. Connection, versus attachment, much like the difference between focus and fixation, leads to a state of expansion, fulfillment and the continued deep exhalation that comes with letting go.
  • Questions: Questions can be a valuable way of connecting to the process, forming a bridge to the other side- What can we let go of to get there? What next step can we take to focus forward?
  • Momentum: Momentum is built through a stacking of “good” choices that we take pride in. These choices are the ones that support, promote energy, build confidence and a trust in ourselves and the process.

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