On Pendulation, Parts Work And Living In A Non-Pain State

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on pendulation, parts work and living in a non-pain state. By choosing to shift out of the dark into the light, we become more able to call upon resources and engage with each experience in a strengthened way. To view the full UF Health Sleep 101 presentation, check here!

  • Parts Work: From the lens of the authentic self, we can explore the different parts of ourselves- whether that’s a physical aspect of the system, a mental or emotional part of the system, they are typically all connected and work together. This is where we can observe, see and hear each part so that we can begin to understand it.
  • Pendulation: This embodiment exercise is the natural pulsation between states of expansion and contraction in the nervous system. It is based on the idea that gently and gradually moving between sensations of discomfort and comfort can help the body and mind find a more balanced state. For a video walkthrough of this exercise, check here. For more information on the somatic experiencing process to relieve pain, check out Peter Levine and Maggie Phillip’s book titled Freedom From Pain right here.
  • Homeostasis: This is where we work to achieve balance within all of the parts so that we can build balance and come into equilibrium to achieve health. Chinese medical theory is all about finding balance, working towards and experiencing that non-pain state. The system is always trying to have, hold and build that non-pain state, even if it’s working through something and pain is coming up- we can look at that, learn from it, and understand it. 
  • Harmony: Looking at both balance and harmony- balance provides the stability to harmonize the parts- so we see harmony as a bit more active. Considering balance as a trajectory, it assumes a crucial role in the organic upward and onward spiral of harmony where it allows for a continual release and integration.
  • Resourcefulness: Looking at how we understand and appreciate the parts of us that are resourceful can then help to impact the parts of ourselves that are not as resourceful. Really experiencing both parts, applying what we know about that resourceful part, and then intending to draw some of the resourcefulness into the others can help to create new associations and health.

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