On Meaning It

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on meaning it. Intentionality is cultivated through being deliberate and directing our power of choice accordingly. This also means evaluating our relationship with time and space. Taking the time and making the space to intentionally be with the new allows transformation to unfold, take hold and allows creation to develop.

  • Attention- Focus- Concentration- Creation: What we think about, we can and will bring about- if we mean it. If we don’t mean it, that is an important realization too. I’ve found that focusing on meaning it clears the noise bringing what we desire to life.
  • Embodiment: When we mean what we try to believe, we can get clear on the truth that lies within, which leads to our authentic belief system and values because it brings our system into a state of inquiry where we must choose- often, with courage- what matters to us and what is worth pursuing.
  • To Have and To Hold: Whenever someone asks me about how to engage change, I often relay the simplicity of two words: just begin! As these small steps help to grow our nervous system’s capacity to handle, to have and to hold our deep desires. We are often able to have and to hold the fear, pain and trauma- but it can be much more difficult to hold what can and does flourish. In this, small steps can strengthen and grow and build us up, elevating us into the access of the vision we carry within us, and within our hearts, at all times. Here, we can begin to learn how to breathe deeply through the commentary, the judgment, etc. and find the gift within it all.
  • The Time Is Now: By removing if- then- and when thinking, we can get real with how we can embody change now. Whether it’s posting a mirror selfie, wearing a tank top to tennis, dressing in color or writing the first sentence of your book- not if- then- and when… now. Here, we can focus on aligned action and in this, I’ve found that done is easier than said, as it makes our lives, as a whole, easier when we do it.
  • I’ve Started To Ask Myself: I’ve started to ask myself questions in a different way. For example, if I’m afraid of making a change, I’ll engage the energy of a healthy father figure and often, tap into new wisdom through this kind of self-sourcing. This week, when I took a hard step, I asked my internal father for advice and he said: do it, do it anyway, and I’ll catch you if you fall, I’ll be there with you through it all. This sort of self-sourcing helped me to access unconditional love and benevolence while giving me the structural establishment to proceed with more faith in myself and the process of life.

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