On Integration, Stress & Building A Meaningful Life

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on integration, stress and building a meaningful life. Remember that stress is a part of the human experience, a natural part of being alive, which is a blessing in it of itself. We can experience challenges, acknowledge them, embrace them, go within and see how we can grow through them. Dive deep and allow it to make you even stronger and more resilient than you already are. Let Go & Grow!

  • 4 Levels Of Healing: From least invasive to most, from lifestyle choices- physical therapy- surgical intervention and deep shifts in perspective- each has its place and all are of equal importance for complete integration.
  • Why Cope When You Can Clear?: In truth, there are a lot of reasons to cope when you don’t yet know how to clear. As children, we learn from the people closest to us, our parents and the world around us- and rarely- we learn how to rework our systems in an empowering way. Cue issues that give rise to distress and survival reflexes. Then, as these models of reality break open and new designs emerge, we inevitably come into contact with alternative ways to be and free the self through the processes that align with our true nature.
  • Healing Directly: In order to heal directly, we must own our power and lead our lives, which requires us to quite literally let go and grow, as an iterative process versus a means to an end. This takes the courage to show up, not just once, but in each moment- knowing that if we don’t- the challenges that exist will simply recirculate themselves again. In this, there is no need to panic, you still have a pulse and many of them have been there your whole life and you’ve somehow still stumbled upon joy- lucky you. But what if you could cultivate these states knowing how and why? with intention versus just leaving it up to the gods that come and go as they please. No thank you. I’m confident you’d rather learn what it takes and execute accordingly. There are many steps to this process and into the self, as we learn to listen to hear, look to see and touch to feel into the pieces and parts that continuously reveal themselves to us as we walk along seeing life from new angles and vantage points.
  • Stress Is A Perfect Part Of It: Yes, I said it, stress is a perfect part of it- and there is nothing wrong with you or how you feel or what you think. When we learn to let go of the shame and judgment and the unconscious guilt that draws a punishing effect that often matches and upholds disgust-disdain- contempt- low self worth etc., we begin to push what we judge away- as it’s painful. I understand- but this can change and you can stop, and you can stop now and choose to observe, even if you begin with observation of the judgment and shame itself. Here you can then begin to see your power in action and as you watch the judgment, in real time, begin to transform as you connect with and show up in the present, intending to observe and acknowledge what is. From there, you can choose how you would like to proceed- how you would like to see, interact with, interpret the experience and the practical choices that you would like to make as well.
  • Creating A Meaningful Life: It starts with you. You matter. You count. You make a difference and so do your choices. Even if it doesn’t feel like it, you do. That’s the difference between your feelings and the truth. Without trying for it, you and your life are already meaningful.

Feelings may be indicators, and it’s important to listen and consider without reflex. Here, you can learn to identify the voices that inhabit each seat at the table [more on this later] to make the best choices for you and the ones that you can take pride in. Disempowering beliefs can fall off in many ways, and stress can often be what challenges us just enough to go there, within, and heal in the ways we know deep within our core is possible. Albert Einstein once said, “few are the those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts,” but we each hold this power and can begin to access them if we have the courage to choose so.

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