On Inquiry, Next Steps, Free Medicine and Mostly Prayer

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on inquiry, next steps, free medicine and mostly prayer. We can always acknowledge the feelings and thoughts within the present moment at any point in time. From here, we can can ask for what we would like to experience- remembering that we are always supported and open up to receiving from that space.

  • You: Your voice is heard by your system and the whole. When you forget and remember to remember, actually remembering is key. You, meaning yourself in authentic form, are the medicine.
  • The Next Question, The Inquiry: When we let go of what we think it should be, what we think we want and focus on what is and what we actually want, our focus moves from outcome and destination to process and journey. Here, we can access depth- as we train to relax into and enjoy the process that comes with increased connection to our power.
  • Intention + Commitment: You can engage change directly when you set an intention and choose the best companion commitment available to you in the present moment.
  • Intuition: As you get to know your inner compass, the voice of your purest form that is one with all, and act upon it, you will begin to engage in conversation and reality creation with the divine.
  • Prayer Projects : Place your desires out there! Ask for help! Get clear, cast it out into the universe and join in it, with appreciation, as it unfolds.

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