Personalization, Health Trends and Knowing Yourself

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion at the UCF Exchange on personalization, health trends and knowing yourself. Holistic medicine addresses all aspects of the person, including their body, mind and life as a whole- clearing the slate and reducing the noise, so you and your doctor can really see what is going on under the surface. It is patient centered and allows individuals to take ownership of their own experiences. Your desires, vision and objectives are the focal points of your work together- no one knows your mind and body like you do! For more on functional medicine labs and personalized lab testing, feel free to check our article right here.

  • On Health Trends and Technology: I spoke on this topic close to four years ago as I write this now, and I still think this is true. We have more information than ever before but what and how we choose to use it to personal our experience is the key.
  • Personalization: If it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t work at all. With more information than ever- it becomes increasingly important to have a filtration system in place to decide with intention what is worth utilizing and what isn’t.
  • How Can We Make Our Lives Easier: With increasing amounts of technology, it’s easy to get caught up in a more is more mentality versus taking inventory to see what is worth investing in and what isn’t. The easier our lives become, the more access we have and the more ability we free up to work through the challenges that are most important to us.
  • On Your Own Research: Many organizations feel threatened by the well-equipped individual does the research, asks relevant questions and has an understanding of their own mind and body. With this said, I highly recommend not dimming your light to ease their insecurity- rather, continue, if you’re feeling it, from a place of empowerment objectively sorting through what feels right and what does not [while you work with a practitioner or on your own].
  • Personal Empowerment: We have the opportunity, in this life, to own ourselves in such a remarkable way. First things first, connecting with the self as we learn how to observe, acknowledge and embrace the different parts of self through love and compassion developing an ecosystem for truth to emerge, be realized and aid in the continual self-actualization that we can choose to engage.

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