On Grounding, When We Feel Scattered, Shattered Or Like We Could Just Fly Away

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on grounding, when we feel scattered, shattered or like we could just fly away. Embracing grounding practices fosters a sense of rootedness and empowerment in our healing journeys.

  • Signals Of Safety: When we feel scattered, shattered or like we could just fly away, taking a moment to reconnect to ourselves is a first step in feeling safe. There are real reasons we disconnect, disassociate and disembody- and there are reasons to come back and heal. In order to heal, we must bring ourselves to the process.
  • Nature: Nature is a powerful healer. Here, we can allow the earth to support us through the sunshine, ground, plants and trees.
  • Healing Hands: Your hands are healing. Where you attention goes, energy flows. Here, you can use your hands to acknowledge and embrace the points of distress and tension so that you can be with and support them.
  • Functional Medicine Labs: When symptoms are all up in the air, lab testing can be a helpful way to ground and gain insight into the root cause(s) of what is going on.
  • SOAP Notes: SOAP notes are a common practice amongst practitioners. Looking back at notes can help us to touch base with subjective and objective measures as we assess the situation and move forward with a plan. If you don’t have one already and feel inspired to start one, a medical journal could be helpful!

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