On The Never-Ending List Of Holistic Things To Do

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on the never-ending list of holistic things to do. When you give yourself the space to process and the grace to learn and to grow, you can begin to experience compassion for yourself- knowing that your intentions are pure.

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  • What Satisfies?: It is so important to know, activate and engage the types of choices that satisfy the system.
  • Drop The Comparison: When we drop the comparison, we can focus in on our own heart, mind, body and life and be led by what we uniquely respond to, are drawn to and need. Here, you being you being you being you is what turns information into integration, where knowledge becomes power as you bring it all together into being yours.
  • Keep It Simple: Knowing your minimum investment is a gift to yourself! With the pressure taken off, all else can be seen as bonus points.
  • There Is Nothing Wrong With You: You are not broken and neither is your body or life. If something feels off, we can look at and learn from it and see how we can place functional signals that work in your field as we let go and grow.
  • What Works For You?: Which parameters keep you successful and on track while offering freedom and expansion to your life? Here, we can learn to work through the states of contraction, comprised of challenging feelings or thoughts that may come up in a given moment, as we keep the big picture in sight and alive in our actions as we mobilize change.

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