On Embodiment And Safe Expression

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on embodiment and safe expression. How can we begin to come home, become aware, and choose to access the power that we’ve grown into?

  • Embodiment: Embodiment can be defined as an expression in visible (and physiological) form experienced as an experience, particularly sensory.
  • Why We Check Out: We often check out when we, on any level (unconscious-subconscious-conscious), do not believe we have the capability and resources available to meet the experience (or perceived challenge) at hand. This challenge can come in the form of a person, place, thing, situation, feeling, etc. We also often fear change- for many reasons, good or bad- we become used to what we are used to and must relinquish control when we step into the unknown.
  • Engaging With Ourselves: As we connect, show up and presence our experiences, we can begin to give ourselves permission and exercise our create rite to observe and explore that which is coming up to the surface. Here, we can begin to turn towards ourselves by meeting ourselves where we are and allowing a development to occur from that place. Shifting the dial of our perspective creating containers to presence, observe and explore that which is coming up- as we turn towards ourselves grounding into the physical experience as we begin to embody the lessons and express differently.
  • Support: As we turn towards ourselves and engage with each experience, we can learn to ground in the physical by simply acknowledging, embracing and welcoming it in and through with an openness. When we are open, we are able to release and receive- release what no longer works as we receive and integrate what does. Here, community, professional help and support of all kinds can be helpful.
  • Safe Expression: As children, we often learn to bury or avoid difficult or even pleasurable experiences. As an adult, we have the opportunity to bring them into the light of day where we can begin to experience safety in moments that once sent off alarm bells. Balance, as a trajectory, also becomes important to the naturally upward and onward spiral of harmony- as it allows for a continual (and often subtle) release and integration. By focusing in on the basic fundamentals, we can lower the threshold and welcome change versus the typical barricade we often build as an aversion (to change) that only delays the inevitable. Here, we can remind our system, if we so choose- that all is well and getting better- sending a signal of safety and solidifying our belief in a benevolent universe that is kind and loving and equally built to set us free. Here, we can deepen into faith as we welcome truth.

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