Ch. 6 News brought me on this past week to talk about how to Make a Monday Mindset! In this interview, I talk about the importance of opting out of the norm and choosing to set the tone for the week, on your own terms, knowing that you are capable and that you can take complete responsibility for your life experiences. For the full segment, on how to Make a Monday Mindset, check here.

Here are 5 Takeaways!

  • Own Your Power, Own Your Week: owning your power to set the tone and pivot as you navigate your experiences- knowing that how you care for your body, mind, time, schedule, routine, etc. in a time where you can feel powerless and reactive is an important statement that you can make one choice at a time. These action steps communicate an immense message of safety to your system, signaling presence and capability and sense of I’ve got this, it does not have me.
  • Check in with Yourself, Opt Out of the Pressure: staying in the present moment and honoring yourself as you transition back into a vulnerable world, opening and re closing, you can still tap in, go at your own pace, and make the decisions that feel right to you- here, you can authorize yourself to say both yes and no, to change your mind and navigate accordingly, using your inner compass as your guide. When you tap into your own truth, with courage, right and wrong begins to dissolve and you can just simply move forward.
  • Shift Your State: you can shift your state in many ways, through perception, language and physiology- so if you are feeling a bit off, shift your state! Here, you can focus on resilience and mastering the transitions by taking a moment to redirect through engagement in an empowering lifestyle choice, for example, to get some sun, take a walk outside, listen to an empowering message, plant a vegetable, hop on a call with a friend, support a local business that you love, etc. My favorite way to engage this change is through the heart based practice, where 3 minutes can change everything!
  • Address Distress: we all need safe spaces, where we are truly heard and listened to- talking to a professional or a trusted friend or family member, someone you can have an open conversation with on how you are feeling and what you are truly thinking at this time is extraordinarily important. It can also be helpful to be this person to others- connecting without getting caught up, where you don’t necessarily have to fix anything, where you can just be there with compassion, knowing your presence is healing in it of itself (for both parties).
  • Healthy Ecosystem: continuously creating an ecosystem conducive to health and growth, where it becomes easier and easier to spiral up is an important gift that can fuel the trajectory of your life and relax the system in the moment at the same time. This could translate into letting go of a specific habit or bringing one in such as simply drinking more water, eliminating processed food, or trying a meditation app to clear your mind. Sometimes, doing things we thought we weren’t capable of or didn’t have time for actually brings in more time, space and confidence in a serendipitous way. In essence, I encourage you to give it a whirl! ;)

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