In this episode, I talk to Tyger Pederson on how to spiral up and pivot during a pandemic.

Today, I would like to introduce you to Tyger Pederson! I’ve brought Tyger on to speak on how to pivot in the midst of a pandemic. Tyger is a hitting coach from the St. Louis Cardinals and more than that he’s my best friend’s cousin, and also, one of the most authentic and growth oriented people I have ever met, a natural teacher, leader and coach- whose heart is truly in the right place… and at the beginning of the pandemic we spoke and I was so impressed by how he was handling his world literally being flipped upside down and I thought who better to speak on pivoting and opening up to new possibilities in the midst of this time than Tyger.

Tyger Pederson, 31 on October 22, 2020, is a graduate of Palo Alto High School.  After his prep career Pederson starred as a Second Baseman at The University of Pacific before being drafted in the 33rd round by the Los Angeles Dodgers. Pederson played 4 seasons of professional baseball before retiring and pursuing a career in coaching.  Pederson has coached with MLB in Taiwan, Milb with St Louis, D1 at Cal Poly SLO, D2 at Hawaii Pacific along with college summer ball in the Northwoods and CCL.  Most recently Pederson is the current AA hitting coach with the St Louis Cardinals. Just before COVID he was in MLB spring training with the cardinals.  Tyger is the son of Stu and Shelly Pederson, and growing up, Pederson was heavily surrounded by the game of baseball. His father played 13 years of professional baseball with the Dodgers and Blue Jays organizations. His brother Joc, plays for the Los Angeles Dodgers, his sister, Jacey, plays soccer for UCLA, and his brother, Champ, is a motivational speaker and advocate for his organization, “Live Like a Champ.”

In this interview, I had the privilege of speaking to Tyger about the following:

  • leading your life: path, vision and mindset
  • walking the talk, healthy habits, spiraling up and doing things that make you feel good
  • surrounding yourself with a team that keeps you accountable family, friends, co workers, and players
  • plus, how to transition, thoughts on growth, the routine of a high performer, health tools and resources to stay ready and more

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More Growth Stories to come!