Mentors Are Important

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on how mentors are important. Mentorship can be truly insightful- becoming a transformational, learning and growth experience for both the mentor and mentee. Having a mentor or positive community that you interact with frequently can help you get to a better framework, especially when you are in a place of doubt and uncertainty. Our Let Go & Grow Holistic Guidebook is dedicated to one of Dr. Brooke’s mentors, Ramey Rascher. Throughout this Guide Book, Dr. Brooke provides the guidance, resources and tools that you need to clear issues, dissolve patterns, create health, and access freedom in a continuous and sustainable way.

  • Mentors Come In Many Forms: Books, podcasts, people and more, mentors can come in many forms.
  • You Don’t Have To Do This Alone: Mentors are a gift! and if you come across one that sees you for who you are, they can become a light that brings you home- time and time again. With an experienced and trusted advisor like this, you can begin to navigate life’s many challenges in a more specific and direct way using deep and accurate methods to move through your experiences with more support, grace and ease.
  • Empowered Community Heals: We are not meant to be in this life alone. We are here to give and receive and through empowering connections, like mentors, we can build out a reciprocal healing network that honors this energetic exchange.
  • Check Points: Working with Ramey has been one of the most, if not the, greatest gifts of my life. She is fearless in the way that she points out my blind spots, sees what most can’t see, disregards my ego and says what most would never have the courage to say- continuously poking holes and shattering the reality creations that hold me back from being free. If you find someone who does the work in his-her own life and isn’t afraid to break old models open, consider keeping them around.
  • Can You See Your Own Light?: Until you can, it is worth surrounding yourself with the people who can see it for you. These are the people who don’t believe in your insecurities or excuses because they do believe in you and your desires and know how capable you are of bringing them to life.

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