On Intrinsic Motivation, What Lights You Up?

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on intrinsic motivation. What lights you up? When you intentionally shift your focus and connect to your heart, you tap into the source and your emotional center, where you can begin to recognize and become aware of the signals that come your way, through states of expansion and contraction. Here, you have the opportunity to notice what lights you up, what energizes you, what you are most curious about and interested in. With continued confidence in your own internal process, these dynamics can begin to pull you forward and lead the way.

  • Go There: Asking yourself a question like what lights you up? can unlock places inside of yourself. Bringing desires into the conscious mind is a direct way to bridge the gap and usher in a new reality creation. Going there and intentionally removing the noise, shaking off the dirt and getting clear allows your beautiful creations in.
  • Reverse Engineering Your Experiences: When you reverse engineer all that comes to mind, you can begin to tap into your own intrinsic desires beyond the image on display- for example, beyond starting a business could be the desire to lead, create and feel unrestrained and free. By continuing to get clear in this way, you can access more of yourself and your power to move through and extract value from the resistance.
  • Knowing Your Self: Knowing your self along with your strengths and weakness, will give you access to the choices available. Here, you don’t have to force a round peg into a square hole. Instead, you can see what fits- evaluate what works for you and what does not and choose, with depth, from that place.
  • The Fundamentals: Once the basics are checked, we can play- and if we drift too far, we can return to center. It takes what it takes, and without a solid foundation, we have nothing.
  • Live Your Life: Through a living of your life, learning how to shift and pivot, rework and move through, we can access a new kind of motivation and build momentum through living a life that is our own. When we remove right and wrong, we can begin to see what is meant to be through acknowledging where we stand and the direction we desire to move forward into as we actually do- one step at a time.

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