Interrupting Patterns, How The Truth Can Set You Free

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on interrupting patterns and how the truth can set you free. You can choose choices with intention and surround yourself with the beautiful vibrations that match, taking in light, to allow the new, desired patterns to saturate and the old to fade away and fall off into the distance. Take your time and give yourself the space to unpack and to see your experiences for what they truly are, to be with it- being, seeing- and watch how your realizations deepen as you unhook distraction and the reflexive impulse to skip ahead, get dragged down by the past, aimlessly move through the motions, analyze and-or check out.

  • You Are Not Your Choices And-Or Your Experiences: You are the power behind them all- and the more you make choices from the truth of who, what and where you are- versus who, what and where you are not- the more pride you will naturally take in yourself and your choices even if they require courage and are not easy to make.
  • Taking Full Responsibility: As the creator of your reality, you must take full ownership of each and every life experience in order to fully experience yourself and your power. Owning your experiences, frees them to work for you and allows you to shift the dial and change them. Here, it is what it is, and then, it can be what you make it.
  • Removing Ego: The ego is a survival mechanism built to defend and protect you from pain. However, there comes a point in which we do not need it anymore. At this point, we must, with awareness observe the ego and its antics and influence it has over our minds, bodies, hearts and lives. Here, we can opt out and choose choices that are in alignment with who we truly are versus the programmed, subpar and automated version built by the world.
  • Breaking Open Patterns: As we search for truth, we will inevitably break open patterns- this is a part of it, trusting the process gives rise to a faith in ourselves just as faith within paves the way for us to trust the process- knowing that we can choose how we see each experience and in this, we can create stability in the midst of the unknown and ever-changing.
  • Connection & Curiosity: Connection and curiosity allow us to be with our experiences, deepen into them, reach in and respond in a way that is reflective of truth versus reflexive in nature.

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