On Talk Therapy, Speaking Your Truth and The Emergence Of The Authentic Self

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on talk therapy, speaking your truth and the emergence of the authentic self. New realizations, possibly from talk therapy, can change your perception, and a change in perception can directly change your reality. A new perspective influences your thoughts, feelings and choices which then go on to create new experiences that are true to you.

  • Talk Therapy: Talk therapy has countless benefits when you are aligned with the right practitioner. To speak openly in a place of compassion and objectivity allows for clarity to set in as you create space between you and your words to gain better understanding and insight as you release what is not of and embrace what is of your true nature.
  • Speaking Your Truth: When you speak your truth and acknowledge and embrace that which is inside of you, you bring things into the light of day- clearing the noise from the background while being better able to move forward with clarity and confidence.
  • Seeing What You See: Speaking your truth is much about simply allowing yourself to fully see what you see in the present moment. As you remove what blinds and notice what is, you can begin to connect the dots and heal the seemingly broken parts.
  • Challenges Are Opportunities For Growth And Development: We often begin to access the parts of ourselves we did not know existed through having the audacity and courage to work through the challenges life presents to us. In this, we have the opportunity to reach in and make the choices that enhance strength and stand on courage.
  • In Support Of The Authentic Self: Each and every one of us having many parts- but in my private practice I find it most important to support the emergence of the authentic self. When you close your eyes, what does the best version of yourself sound and look like? What choices would he or she make? Those are the choices that will help to support this emergence and bring you into experiencing who you truly are.

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