In this episode, we discuss how to shift a negative state into a positive one, touching on optimism, your power and how to opt out of the game and own both. I also had the privilege of interviewing Tyger Pederson, a coach for the St. Louis Cardinals, for our new Growth Stories series on how to spiral up and pivot during a pandemic. For the Growth Stories episode, check here.

Both videos were created with the intention to help you open, open, open up, create in an empowered way, and experience deepened states of expansion and growth- health being a natural byproduct but also a contributing factor.

  • Owning your power: in order to shift states in an increasingly effortless way, me must realize that we are the power behind the negative and positive- as we lean into the learning process. This is where we can begin to explore negativity, positivity, optimism, distress, joy and the full array of human experiences, both empowering and disempowering, without judgment and with observation and confidence- knowing who we truly are and are not.
  • Exploring negativity: it’s important to be able to explore negativity in a productive way to unhook its hold- asking what it is doing for us and how has it been helpful can help us to move through and transform it.
  • Believe in it less and yourself more: once we are able to be with our creations (both positive and negative forms) and see them in an objective way, we can begin to believe in them less and believe in ourselves more. This gives us more space to come back to the creation and choose what experience we would like to take on and let into our system.
  • Listening vs. hearing: we can listen to anything and anyone, allowing for healthy connection, but we only have to let in and hear that which reflects our true nature- this is a part of learning how to connect without getting caught up and carried away, hook, line and sinker.
  • Choose expansion: as we learn how to work with our belief systems, thoughts and feelings by focusing on that which is beyond it, we can also cultivate an ecosystem that allows for expansion and is conducive to health and growth.


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