Optimism is a powerful tool, perspective and approach that allows us to open up to the possibilities, explore life with enthusiasm, and grow through life’s challenges with more grace and ease.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not equivalent to some flighty quality, like blind and delusional positivity or ignorant bliss. It’s a strategy and a way to connect, enter into and find meaning within our experiences, rather than avoid, bury or get caught up in them.

Personally and professionally, I have found it to be a practical exercise that uplifts and yields increased awareness, strength, resilience and the ability to tap into more high vibe states, like appreciation and love- all accessible through the power of choice, which ripples out and reverberates through your physiology and life experiences.

You see, in essence, optimism is a practical way to exercise faith, and it brings us closer to the truth. It allows us to appreciate our experiences, enjoy the journey and love where we are at while moving forward with an eye toward solutions, progress and growth.

The tried and true benefits of optimism have even been explored and confirmed by a large, growing body of scientific research. Studies have demonstrated a strong link between optimism and increased health and well-being. They have even found it to be the most important predictor of resilience.

Pretty amazing, right?


Choose your story

At this point, you may be wondering why we would choose anything but optimism?

Many of us narrow our field of vision and default to a “negative”, disempowered perspective because we, on some level, feel threatened by our experiences. This state of distress then sets off an internal alarm system, causing us to contract, defend and protect- many times for good reason. However, when the stress response goes unchecked and becomes longterm and chronic, we wind up living our lives in a contracted state, never learning how to opt out, open up, expand and grow. Hello health problems!

This is where learning how to intentionally cultivate optimism can send our minds, bodies and lives as a whole a signal of safety, allowing us to tap into our own intrinsic resources as we begin to heal and move forward in the creative process.

Here, it serves to remember that it starts with you- choosing from the array of perspectives available. This is why reading an eye opening book or taking a program, like Let Go & Grow, can be so effective because it opens you up to new viewpoints.

If you are ever in doubt and struggling with the choice between optimism and its alternatives, ask yourself… What perspective feels expansive, empowered, solution oriented and healing?

Feel free to try them on! When you do, the choice will become clear (unless the ego is involved), and optimism will then begin to turn your obstacles in opportunities,  drawbacks into growth and what once seemingly worked against you into something that can work for and with you- all through a simple shift in perception.


3 Ways to Cultivate Optimism 

  • Lead: Your mind needs a leader and that leader is you. It needs direction and to be taught how to find meaning, in the midst of adversity, and optimism, especially when challenged. If you choose not to direct your mind, it will run the show. However, you have the ability to teach it how to be on your team by being an active leader. Just remember that leadership requires dedication and discipline, in this case, to a shift in focus.
  • Address distress: When a challenge arises, remember that it is coming up for you. It’s asking you to connect, find meaning, to let go and grow. Engage in this process, and it will not only clear, it will bring freedom, health, and all of the high vibe states that you desire.
  • Ask solution oriented questions: Questions are an incredible way to connect, cultivate receptivity and facilitate the process. Just make sure to ask solution oriented questions like: What can I learn from this experience? How can I grow through it? What would it take to shift my perspective and clear this pattern? For more on this, you can check out an article I wrote that dives deeper here.


Last but not least, remember who you are, have confidence in your abilities and enjoy the creative process. Optimism makes it so much easier to have fun, create and bring our dreams to life- so take full advantage and enjoy the ride!

For more information on how to create radiant health, have freedom and live a life true to you, check out the Let Go & Grow program. I have found, personally and professionally, guidance of this kind to be very powerful.