Family Dynamics, Generational Curses, Being Who You Truly Are

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on family dynamics, generational curses, and being who you truly are. When you see a pattern that does not work, see it, and let the light of your awareness and power of choice send the trajectory of your life and lives you touch a new, empowering message. Through having the courage to observe and pivot, without faulting yourself or another or blaming enculturation yet equally understanding it, you not only drop into the change, but you also begin to experience it. When it sounds like freedom, let it. When it feels like peace, feel it. This is a part of recognizing the parts of yourself that have been covered up in order to find in a way that feels like you never left, like coming home.

  • Shift Childhood Patterns: As children, we take on many patterns. Many children can even become the shock absorbers of their family, martyring themselves, sacrificing their freedom and dimming their light to keep the peace. In this they learn that is safer to opt out being who they truly are and easier to fix their broken selves, often playing pharmacology throughout their lives, overmedicated in a multitude of ways.
  • Energetically, Focus On Your Light: When you carry a lot of light, you often bring up a lot in others- because you are choosing to see what is within you- they have the unique opportunity to see what is within them. Light dispels darkness, but it can be blinding, very uncomfortable and even infuriating for those who are not interested in growth and change. This is where children will often dim their light and even separate from it, becoming disconnected in an effort to become invisible as a means of protection from being seen and continuously blamed for what others cannot handle in themselves. For those interested in growth, your light will feel like the sunlit breeze of curiosity and freedom. These are your people- as you did not come into this life to compromise or to make others comfortable. You came into this life to be yourself and to experience your experiences in each now moment.
  • Invite Who You Truly Are Into Your Human Experience: As you travel throughout your life, you will learn that health and wholeness is not about fixing your seemingly broken self, it is about being yourself and embracing who you truly are. Here, you can invite who you truly are into your human experience, into your body, your heart, your mind, your life, relationship and choices.
  • Break Generational Curses By Freeing Yourself: As you reclaim your power, you will have many opportunities to free yourself and your lineage through making new choices in this now moment. By freeing yourself, you give other people the opportunity to do the same.
  • Filter & Remove Victim Consciousness: One, if not the, most important choice you can make is to see yourself for who you truly are- the creator of your reality. Here, and only here, you can release victim consciousness and own your ability to create through each choice you make- starting with how you see yourself, your experiences and others. It either is or it isn’t- is life happening for you or to you? the choice is yours. Only you can choose how you perceive, interact with and interpret your world.

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