The Difference Between Hyperfixation And Deep Work

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on the difference between hyperfixation and deep work. Overwhelm can lead to pushing away responsibilities instead of pausing to find balance, sort of like struggling with waves instead of embracing them. Reclaiming time and space through healthy habits and mindful scheduling can help restore personal power.

  • Hyperfixation vs. Deep Work: Hyperfixation is often associated with mental health disorders such as ADHD, generalized anxiety, autism, PTSD and OCD whereas deep work and focus is often associated with states of genius.
  • The Wrestle: When I feel overwhelmed, overworked, crowded and/or suffocated- I crave space. It’s easy to push people and projects away versus take the deep breath it takes to review my experiences and find the space. I often think of a wrestling with the waves in this moment versus learning how to work with and enjoy them as a cleansing experience, similar also to hide and seek.
  • You are important: We don’t need phones, we choose phones. I was recently listening to a brilliant interview with Simon Cowell on the diary of a CEO, where Simon mentioned that he doesn’t have a mobile phone- that if you know him you will know how to get ahold of him and in this, people contact him when something is important rather than aimless and insignificant.
  • Reclamation: Of course we can take back our time, space, and thus, power, in many different ways such as through a healthy diet and sleep patterns, early wake up times, scheduling with intentionality, physical space like going up in a home or driving to an office.
  • Extension: When we want to shut down and reflex, we can choose to extend beyond ourselves using the universal network that lies inside of us at all times. Choose to open at the close, and your door can and will appear. It always does.

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