Chinese Finger Traps, Engaging The Ego and How Micromanagement Can Be The Illusion of Control

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on Chinese finger traps, engaging the ego and how micromanagement can be the illusion of control.  Through observation, we can begin to transcend patterns influenced by the ego and take our power back as we tap into our innate ability to rework our reality creations, with intentionality

  • The Trap: A Chinese finger trap is a simple puzzle that traps an individual’s fingers (often the index fingers) in both ends of a small cylinder woven from bamboo. Often, one’s initial reaction is to pull their fingers outward as hard as they can, but this only tightens the trap. The only way to escape the trap is to simply push the ends towards the middle, which enlarges the openings and frees both the fingers. Similar to escaping the puzzle, when we turn inwards, we create more opening and space, which allows us to release the tension and escape the trap.
  • The Ego: The ego, built as a survival mechanism, is often threatened by change. To work through its influence, we must come to, connect and become aware of the ways it is trying to protect us so that we can in turn access all of the choices available to us.
  • Parts Work: Certain parts of us may be triggered but to feed the part is to delay the maturation of it. Instead, we can begin to see it with compassion and a loving gaze. In this, it can mature and evolve in order to integrate and deepen.
  • Micromanagement: Being busy is so different than being productive as a through line. Growth ebbs and flows and sometimes we adopt little habits that inhibit change versus accelerate it. Here, we can begin to understand how our power can gather when we are still and intentional.
  • How To Let Go & Grow: From the space of the authentic self, we can begin to see the parts of us with greater clarity and ease. In this, we can begin to let go of what does not work and turn towards what does- as we generate increased amounts of awareness that acts as light.

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