Asking Questions Is an Act of Courage and Medicine In Its Own Right

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on how asking questions is an act of courage and medicine in its own right. By getting introspective, becoming aware and choosing to connect, you give yourself the opportunity to look at, learn from, let go of and grow through the challenges you face- to essentially set yourself free. As you address issues, remove obstacles, and break down walls, you begin to heal, and the process begins to work for you as more and more light comes in.

  • Questions: Asking a question is a practical next step. It can be like shifting plate tectonics, growing pains- like earthquakes, included.
  • Medicine Comes In Many Forms: Curiosity in it of itself helps to relate to ourselves and life experiences differently. When your question stems from this place, it will promote connection, presence and a plugging into your power- all of which is healing and very useful, although it takes courage to engage.
  • Where Is Your Question Stemming From?: Do you really want to know an answer? Getting to know the energy behind the question you have to ask is a way to check in and become coherent. Whereas, for example, an interrogation- may seem like an innocent set of questions on the outside, however, it is divisive, attacking with an objective in mind. Questions that stem from a divisive place (versus a connected place) keep us stuck, whereas solution-oriented questions have the unique ability to bridge gaps and move us forward.
  • Making Ourselves Available: We become increasingly available the more we listen, and the more we listen, the more available we become.
  • It’s Less About The Answer: When we let go of how we think, an answer should come in and we can appreciate the perfect nature of its delivery. The process of asking a question and receiving an answer then becomes less about the answer and more about the art and science of being present, utilizing the information given and opening up to parts of ourselves as we connect the dots and rework our lives.

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