Who, What & Where You Are

Remembering who, what and where you are are three fundamental principles to the healing process that can simultaneously reset and realign you in an instant. Many of my patients feel lost in the quest for this information until I remind them, just as I was once reminded. So who, what and where are you? Who You [...]

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Matcha Maca Latte

Many of my patients are highly sensitive and struggle with the consumption of coffee. Drinking coffee can be a beautiful ritual and have many benefits when well tolerated but for some it can cause more harm than good. This is when I went in search for a healthy alternative that could replace the ritual, bring [...]

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Space + Grace

Within my practice and the Let Go & Grow program, space + grace is a concept that I introduce, emphasize and circle back around to time and time again. When engaged in this kind of healing process, it is of vital importance to give ourselves the space to process and the grace to learn and [...]

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