Healthy Orlando Guide

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Healthy Orlando Guide Orlando, nicknamed "The City Beautiful," is in fact, quite beautiful- with many wonderful things to see and to do. Whether you've just moved to the city or you're simply looking for something new to do, this Healthy Orlando Guide will be continuously updated with our favorite healthy restaurants, activities, adventures, hidden gems, [...]

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On Empowering Your Energy Field

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Brief Breakdown on Human Energy Fields Energy supply is a necessary condition for life- everything and everyone in this universe is constantly vibrating and creating energy. There is even a field of vibrational medicine (sometimes called energy medicine), which uses vibrational energy generated by and around your body to enhance your health. Research has found [...]

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How to Optimize Your Workspace for Productivity and Less Stress

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Our Environment Definitely Matters! Several studies have proved how our habits are often related to some type of external trigger or outside influencing factors, which researchers are now connecting to our surroundings. Having a quality workspace can help keep you in a state of flow and is optimal for making us feel motivated, productive, and [...]

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